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Online wine sales delivered to your doorUpdated 9 months ago

Hallmark Channel Wines specializes in Online Wine Sales delivered directly to your door.

Only available online, these custom crafted wines were made in partnership with Hallmark Channel & Wines that Rock, the premier lifestyle wine company.

Some Questions & Answers about online wine sales:

Q: How are UPS & FedEx handling wine home deliveries during the Coronavirus?

As of April 16, 2020 to help promote the safety of both employees and customers, FedEx and UPS signature guidelines are being temporarily adjusted for all shipments within the United States.  In efforts to minimize physical interactions, customers may be asked to verify recipient name and date of birth in lieu of a physical signature.

Q: How do I track my online wine orders?

When your order ships you will be sent a tracking number. You can also log into your account and look in Purchases where you can click on the tracking number for the status.

Q: How do I ship to another location?

During Checkout you will be asked to enter a shipping address, add the alternate address you wish to use. There must be a person 21+ to receive the package.

Q: Is this real?

You bet it is!  It’s as real as it gets.  The Wines That Rock team worked together with Hallmark Channel to create the best collection of wines. 

Q: Do you ship wines throughout the US? 

We currently do not ship internationally. Hallmark Channel Wines is ONLY available in the US in certain states.  Please see our website for the list of current states.

Q: What happens if my order is lost or damaged?

Email us. We Guarantee delivery of your order and so if anything goes wrong, we will either refund you or and provide a replacement order for you at no cost to you.

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